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  • 4th Floor, Strauss Daly Place, 41 Richefond Circle, Umhlanga Ridge
  • 031 572 5723 / 071 826 7491
  • Monday to Friday: 8am - 5pm


Strategy & Business Model Assessment

Mariva undertakes to assess a client's business model with the aim of understanding which parts of the modus operandi ('mode of operations') can be streamlined to increase efficiency. This will begin with how best to service customers onwards to ensuring execution on strategy and ending with how best to ensure customers make timely payments thereby enhancing revenue generation and management.

Professional Business Plans

Efficient and simply written business plans that aim for a positive outcome by ensuring all requirements for the disclosure of information that would be imperative for the stakeholder is meticulously laid out and composed according to the funder's expectations. The structure is fully customized towards the client's business thus ensuring that the funders can fully grasp the opportunity being presented via the business plan document.

Investment Memorandums

Clients that are focused on curating quality marketing materials with the aim of raising capital can rely on Mariva Advisory to deliver documentation that is best suited to show estimated returns on investment opportunities with risks envisaged.

Financial Modelling

With over 10 years of building financial models for companies and projects in the Sub-Saharan Africa region across various sectors (e.g., agriculture, asset management, construction, mining & manufacturing, events management, e-commerce, education, technology, specialized consulting, apparel clothing & pharmaceuticals), Mariva Advisory is best positioned to deliver tailor-made financial models for our clients.

Funding Applications

We tap into our knowledge of the funding process and related requirements and work together with our clients to get them funding ready as well as to package and structure the funding application for the best possible outcome. Mariva Advisory will leverage our understanding of your business profile and objectives coupled with our insight in relation to the appetite and value proposition of each of our commercial and institutional funding partners in determining whom to partner with from a funding perspective and subsequently submit and manage the entire process on your behalf.

Company Valuations

We conduct valuations for various legal entities (pre- and post-commencement of operations) across industries. These entities can be in the form of consolidated companies, divisions, subsidiaries, joint ventures, and projects. Our valuation reports may be relied upon to provide the stakeholder with an independent, relevant, and realistic insight into the value of the proposed investment or project. Mariva Advisory employs a range of valuation methods that are suitable for the entity and their respective industry.

Regulatory Reviews

Mariva Advisory conducts a thorough regulatory review of the client's business operations to ensure that they comply with all the necessary industry regulations so as not to incur any fines and/or penalties from authoritative bodies in their respective sectors.

Financial Literacy Training

Our workplace consulting value proposition addresses both the needs of your business and the often-forgotten needs of your employees, who are the engine of your organization. We provide customized personal financial literacy training to your employee value chain enabling them to maintain a healthy relationship with their personal finances which has an impact on employee productivity and effectiveness.

Financial Planning & Budgeting

This service is for clients who want to outsource the financial planning and budgeting function. Mariva Advisory will use one of their experienced professionals to assist the client to produce sensible numbers through activity-based budgeting. We provide clients with imperative insights as to what the drivers of revenues and costs are and subsequently how to tweak the business going forward.